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Apr 23, 2013 8:30pm PDT
in instances where specific project may create significant impact on city services for example every five years rather than every 10 years with respect to specific projects on the services that are demanded and is really came from concerns about impacts to specific projects like the proposal and on pier 30-32. 10 years maybe too long on nexus analysis. mr. benson, from the port, you're here to answer questions . i don't know if you would like to add anything to my comments. i want to make a motion to make that amendment to the actual resolution. the amendments of the guidelines are already in place so i wanted to read that so the public is aware of those changes and modifications. >> president chiu: supervisor cohen, would like to -- >> supervisor cohen: he shook his head, no. >> president chiu: mr. benson said that he is in support of the proposed amendment. supervisor kim has seconded. supervisor wiener wold like to comment. >> supervisor wiener: in terms of this not setting a precedent, can you elaborate on how that occurs. i am curious to know. >> president chiu: mr. benson. >> brad ben
Apr 27, 2013 7:00pm PDT
clause and i will be to the record: whereas the city policy for the use of city infrastructure is unique to the portal seven cisco and does not establish a precedent for the use of infrastructure elsewhere in the city and county because this concern cannot because isd plans are going on in other parts of the city. we did make some amendments to the actual guidelines. that does not have to be voted by the board but i thought it would be good to acknowledge . what some of those changes were for several unwanted numbers the amendments made per hour budget and save analyst at budget committee which acknowledge that we will also look of the next fiscal impact of the proposed project areas on the city's general fund so not just looking at the economic benefit it also looking at the actual impact to the general fund. we are also making three other amendments to the guidelines. one restates the board of supervisors will review project specific and infrastructure finance plans. and the second, is it the board of supervisors may request more frequent nexus analysis in instances where specific p
Apr 23, 2013 3:30pm PDT
respectful of the elected for body that oversees city college and up until this point have not said much , about what is happening but it is getting to a point where people that i represent as a member of the county board of supervisors are contacting me and tell me about how they are being impacted by what is happening at city college. and unfortunately, many of them, right or wrong, believe that the current structure including the role of the board of trustees has vis-à-vis the trustees, that the current structure is not providing enough of a process for the community to actually be heard in terms of their concerns. and when it reaches that point, then i do think that it is appropriate for this body to consider stepping in and providing some perspective. when i was working for the school district, i was very protective of the fact that the school district was a separate government entity and it had its own authority and jurisdiction and i want to respect that here. but just like i think it is appropriate for the board of education to pass a resolution on whether or not we should have
Apr 27, 2013 7:30pm PDT
disconnect between those efforts and many people who attended city college, who work at city college, who believe that the institutions changing in such a fundamental way that you may end up protecting it and saving this entity financially and fiscally but in the end you will end up saving something that is completely different than what people have been relying on for all these years. and i hope that we can bridge that gap, and that we can actually get behind an effort for doing all the things that need to be done to protect something that we all can agree in terms of what it should look like; in terms of its vision and what it means to these communities. and i also appreciate the comments about how we have to be careful in terms of how much the city helps city college. and i understand that our priorities should be to make sure that we focus on the services that we as a city and county have to provide. but at the end we are talking about the same constituents. and i think that we have to figure out a way of balancing everything that needs to be done, balancing our role and
Apr 11, 2013 1:30am PDT
city. those would be the successful roll out and implementation of emerge. the data center consolidation project with the new airport site we'll be opening in the next couple of months and the consolidation efforts we've done on behalf of the city, both at the future airport site, the [speaker not understood] site and the 10 11 turk site have already resulted in a couple million dollars of saving where we have not needed to purchase new equipment because we've been able to consolidate into the existing equipment and licensing and availability of the site. and lastly i just wanted to mention some of the work that has been happening in our enterprise agreement. as part of the data center consolidating and the decision to go with vm wares as the enterprise platform for the city in its virtualization efforts and looking at the needs of the other city departments, we have now been able to save the city $4 million that would otherwise be spending over the next three years. so, these are just a few of the accomplishments over the past two years since the last plan was developed. b
Apr 29, 2013 9:30am PDT
that we focus on the services that we as a city and county have to provide. but at the end we are talking about the same constituents. and i think that we have to figure out a way of balancing everything that needs to be done, balancing our role and our responsibility but at the same time recognizing that we cannot look the other way and let city college go under without some help from the city. and let's be completely honest about this. and i am a strong supporter of all the things that the city has done for the school district. we have done a lot of great things, whether it's the rainy day fund, prop h you name it we have done a lot of good things, but relative to what we have done to the school district, we have done very little for city college. and we are talking about the same people that are being impacted, thousands of the people, of the kids who go to sfusd end up going to city college and they have more or less been on the wrong relative to the city. and while i think it is important for us to make sure that we focus on muny running on time and all of that, i
Apr 17, 2013 11:00am PDT
. and secondarily all the time they recalled 5 to specific that the areas financial plan will project the city's general fund as to determine the i f p and also specify that the tax rate is established annually by the board of supervisors for the city and that's pursuant to the california revenue taxation code. and specify the tax increment may not be allocated to the cities general fund and to protect against sea level rise and finally, we consider the approval of this to be a policy decision. we'll be happy to respond to any questions and any questions? >> thank you very much for the recommendations. i think the changing the criteria 5 to look at the net fiscal general cities fund i'm wondering on behavior of the controllers office can comment not so much on all but in general what comments do you have about i f ds in the general fund if we move forward in the future? >> mr. chairman monique i'm from the controllers office. this is diverted for the benefits of the area and it really would depends on the developments of the property. we can do another analysis and this has been used in san
Apr 8, 2013 6:00pm PDT
lee has chosen to make his first state of the city address here. it sends a message for all student in san francisco. you know that this city's future don't understand on the education we provide for all our children. it's with great pleurisy introduce the mayor of the city of san francisco. good morning thank you laura republican for that kind introduction and thank you for opening your divorces to me this morning. i want to honor david and all your supervisors and to our two newest supervisors. mayor brown thank you for being here and taking the time to join us this morning. you have done so much in this county >> and since this is my first city address i'm hoping you'll cut me some slack if you chose to write about it in the newspapers. to the department heads and consistent leaders and education leaders to all of you who are online and thank you all of you for joining us this morning. and, of course, to my wonderful wife, mother and friend thank you for being here and pitting up with me for all these years >> a year ago i stood before i and score my term of office pledging to
Apr 23, 2013 9:00pm PDT
sfusd end up going to city college and they have more or less been on the wrong relative to the city. and while i think it is important for us to make sure that we focus on muny running on time and all of that, i do think that it will be a problem if we have our buses running on time but there is no city college for kids to go to. so we have to figure out how we balance this. i don't know what the exact language for some of these issues should be. but i am going to support this resolution because i think that generally, recaptures the spirit of what we are talking about; one we recognize the importance of achieving fiscal responsibility and getting your fiscal house in order but it has to be balanced against the role that the city college is played and needs to continue to play in the lives of these communities. p and third, there has to be some balance so there is a recognition for what is happening in the classroom and how decisions are being made at impacting the lives of the students and impacting the lives of these teachers who have dedicated many, man
Apr 13, 2013 11:44pm PDT
in this city. so we have to keep it beautiful, we have to keep it updated and informative. we have great partners that have known over many decades that this is the heart of our business, tourism, the hotels, some of the greatest hotels in the world are here in san francisco and they will be welcoming all the people that come from 55 days of sailing. event after event find it's way to san francisco, the bay area because they know we know how to host this. i want to welcome bob from our chamber of commerce because he's learning very quickly how wonderful this place is. [ applause ] and how we do things and how we do things successfully is to identify or challenge and get really bright creative minds like joe, and you start working with union square and you discover and help everybody be successful and you find john, who gets this going. you get all of these discoveries like people in the city like john, who has been there year after year operateing the whole convention visitor center and you start to putting things together and more each year things get better and better. when you see suc
Apr 7, 2013 9:30pm PDT
49ers will take the field with the whole city behind them. my fellow san franciscans i would smut to you our city a vital and strong. this renewed strength of our city and the renewed confidence we're the best city in 2012. the newspapers called us the best place for parks urban parks in the united states and we're among - yeah. go for our parks >> and we're among the smartest cities and the most walkable cities. yes. and continuing the environmental marketplace under our prior mayor we're the green tech capital of north america and the number one for green jobs according to the best magazines and we're also rated highly for losing weight. in the case of san francisco i believe we're so burglarized. the progress of our city is no accident. indeed we're vital, we're strong city because of the fiscally responsible direction we've teen, deliberate choice we've made to attract people into our city. whether it's a reform of our housing or infrastructure on the significant challenges we've faced we put the people's priorities head of city hall. and on this course my fellow san francis
Apr 14, 2013 6:14am PDT
could all give them a big round of applause so my name is shady and i work with themary's city ever services here in city call hall and i want to welcome great a i think this thure we programmed over ten institutions in the city of san francisco including the air film festival the arab culture and committee center but also with the tamp pais public library to have two events showcasing the rich arab america culture that exists here in the city of san francisco and i want to thank you all for coming and i want to introduce joaquin for resident who ska great member of our community and has helped organize this event. (applause). . thank you very much and good evening everyone on behalf of mayorly who will be joining us in a few moments i want to say thanks to all of you for being here tonight it's always a pleasure for you go to welcome the community into city hall - because you remind us our purpose in government so to serve and you you certainly bring life and culture and community into our very state halls and bring life to us, so thank you again. i want to thank the nominating com
Apr 20, 2013 3:14pm PDT
owners and created murals, over 38 all around the city. putting the artists and the city on the other side (indiscernible) same solution for many of the -- (indiscernible) in the last few months we're seeing now -- murals. spending a lot of time. funding the artists program at schools. teaching that graffiti is offensive. (indiscernible) trying to teach them that san francisco is a very creative city. we want to do artwork and we'll help you; we have lots of walls around the city. we can buy your art supplies and help you. (indiscernible) the other program that we have (indiscernible) in san francisco and many other parts of the country is what we call a graffiti watch program. we provide materials, training, allow people to take ownership of certain sections of their block and help us -- problems and -- (indiscernible) that is a very successful program. we have had over 350 people who are active in that program now. facilitate a lot of programs, tackle the problem that we have. (indiscernible) i can tell you that -- a huge percentage of the -- come from san francisco. (indiscernible)
Apr 17, 2013 6:14pm PDT
of the background between the ports fund. the bureau ton act which transfers from state to city control requires that we maintain a separate harbor fund it's separate from the city's general fund. we've done analysis over time to look at property taxes and the cost of city services on port property. there's a bit of a gap. there's some sources that are urban leashed and don't generate tax precedes. and there's a cost of providing city services in that budget. and we try and track that over time. there's a general prim the harbors shouldn't subsidize or excuse me. the general fund shouldn't subsidize those services. the improvements to piers and seismic upgrades there in the capital fund also like along with historic properties listed on the national register. so as we are thinking about forming districts along the port property and the first proposed districts will likely be considered in 2014 so we're a ways away from requesting the styrofoam a districts. there would be a policy framework everybody sort of accepted there would be community oversight but those structures don't exist so we're g
Apr 8, 2013 7:30pm PDT
the importance of this contract and these hotel members, the team and the city of san francisco. it's a very positive day. so mayor, c'mon up. >> thank you, michael. first, i want to thank all the work force that are standing behind me, the men and women who make this hotel a success for the city and i would like to thank you for your leadership and last time i was in the same room with mike casey we were announcing the warriors deal. a lot of good paying jobs. today is about our no. 1 industry? san francisco which is tourism and the hotels and their conclusion with the labor union to come to an agreement that extends perhaps 5-and-a-half years of agreeing to a labor contract for all the 750 union members working in this hotel. you know, san francisco is incredible. i just came back from the international city cities of cork ireland, paris, france. they marvel at how well we have done things here in our great city and keep it going and remake it. they also have a sense that anytime their members come here, they are experiencing a huge amount of warmth from people who serve them. i know the
Apr 21, 2013 7:14am PDT
and do what they do and make san francisco a 21st century city. so, you know, it's an honor to welcome the mayor back to the hatchery, the new hatchery. we invite you, supervisor chiu, to our monthly infamous happy hours where bourbon and branch caters to meet with our tenants. it's an honor to have you guys here. enjoy the day and it's an honor to welcome jane back to the hatchery. (applause) >> good morning, my name is jane. i'm the mayor's chief innovation officer. before we get things started, i'm actually going to have one more company come up here because we're actually waiting for the press to get finalized and set upful. so, a couple more minutes to read here. how much time, press? no one is giving me any signs here. you guys are ready, great. so, we're going to hold off and have you guys come up a little bit later. so, again, my name is james. i want to thank the hatchery for hosting us here and being such an important part of the start-up community and for helping san francisco businesses start and grow here in san francisco. our first speaker is mayor lee. he has been a stro
Apr 4, 2013 6:30pm PDT
dancing is very popular in this city and it will bring to this lonesome area of the bay view some culture and excitement. >> thank you mr. nolan. anyone else that would like to speak? >> hi supervisors. thank you for your consideration of this item. the project sponsor did reach out to our office and our initial request was to get in contact with the dog patch merchant associations and the neighborhood association. we took the liberty of reaching out and showing the conditions that the alu suggested. they're primarily supportive given the industrial nature and no residents within 500 square feet. they are happy with the conditions proposed. we will continue to work with the sponsor to make sure there is adequate litter and graffiti removal in more than one location but i we can continue to work on through the implementation process. >> thank you. is there anyone else that would like to speak? seeing none public comment is closed. supervisor yee. >> i just want to say real quickly i will be supporting this -- >> are you biases a little bit here. >> a little bias. yes, i r
Apr 14, 2013 2:14am PDT
and i find this is unacceptable. the city and myself as a supervisor we all have the responsibility to do everything that we can to improve this situation. pedestrian safety to me is also a question of being fiscally responsible and making it most out of money that the city spends. on the cost side every year collisions between pedestrians and cars cost the city an average of $15 million and district 7 trails only district 6, three and four in how much the collisions cost the city. on the spending side i want to make sure as a city we are making smart investments based on data, and that we try to coordinate among the many city agencies under which these matters fall, so that we are efficient, coordinated and effective. finally i think that pedestrian safety is a community issue. people of district 7 know where improvements needed and today by looking at the data that the city departments are presenting and listening to the public comments i think we are able to get a real sense of the needs of the district. there will be several departments that will be presenting. i'm going
Apr 11, 2013 6:00am PDT
of the city in san francisco and the region into the building and it's a positive experience for us and the visitors and the volunteers who spend so much time here. so i would like to crews right now the mayor who has been a great partner with the hospital industry. in fact this whole project without the city of san francisco could not have done with without the help to make the plaza better and the visitor center a better experience and will work to make it more welcoming. i would like to introduce mayor lee, a tremendous ambassador to what we are all about. let's give him a round of applause for that leadership. thank you for not only what you do for the residents, but the visitors as well. >> thank you, you and the board have been just fabulous. you know san francisco i get to talk about everywhere i go whether it's ireland, paris or washington, d.c. and pretty soon i have to go to baltimore. what a downer. and eat their crab. [ laughter ] anyway, it's all in great gist that i say to you that again this is a 16 million person visit every year to san francisco. just millions and
Apr 14, 2013 10:30pm PDT
opening comments and i know city staff and our acting cio has some perspectives on that but i just wanted to raise that particularly as our colleagues are starting to focus on this ict plan. but with that, mr. chair, thank you for being here. i also want to thank mayor's budget office and our acting cio and the department of technology for all the work they've done on this. >> great. >> [inaudible]. i am the -- good afternoon. my name is [speaker not understood]. i am the acting cio and acting director of the department of technology. i'm going to be doing the presentation today along with [speaker not understood] the mayor's office. i'm going to talk through some of the plan and history and shanda will be covering more of the financial strategies section. so, i wanted to start just as the supervisor chiu mentioned, this plan has been a number of months in development. it's required work with across city departments, a lot of city staff, hundreds of hours going into it, a number of meetings at coyt with coyt subcommittees, work with dtcoyt and the mayor's office so i really appreci
Apr 20, 2013 2:44pm PDT
please call items 7 and 8 together >> item no. 7 here on city college of san francisco. item 8 urging the board of trustees and administration to utilize to preserve the quality of education that has served education well, and to support the city of san francisco to reevaluate the charges and providing more and kind services to support the resolution. >> this was a resolution to support the issues i'll turn it over to you. >> colleagues we have a number of speakers from the community of supporters of city college and faculty i believe we'll have a trustee or two. my hope is this hearing on city college and dialog on resolution to support the college this is a difficult time and we can also end with a commitment to have a working group that would be looking at the financial support and putting our heads together in creativity ways to feel what month supporters feel is a jewel of the san francisco system. we've invited all students from all background and the chance to develop a better life for themselves and their families. i know last year the focus was on how the college has that i
Apr 7, 2013 3:00am PDT
limitations on venues, but i view this as this is a city wide issue because this is happening all over the city. >> okay. i think i will be supportive of that as well, but so can we move this forward with a positive recommendation? supervisor yee. >> can we just vote on the amendment first? >> okay. let's use this as an amendment to supervisor wiener's amendment to strike condition nine on the electronic surveillance. is that your motion? >> yeah condition to strike nine. >> district city attorney again. condition nine is listed in one of the whereas clauses and listing the police department recommendations so i believe we amend this resolution just as we did with the last item to change the resolved clause to provide that that the board supports all of the police department conditions except condition number nine. >> so that the motion to amend then. can i mr. chairman just ask -- [inaudible] i have a question for you. regarding video surveillance. if it were not required for the license but if the police station and sprofer supervisor cohen asked you to do that can you do that.
Apr 20, 2013 12:44pm PDT
workforce development opportunity opportunities for the cities and we hope to work with her to create additional opportunity we thank the mayor for her continued services in the city of oakland and the bay area now before you meet her there is going to be a short video but we want you to welcome may khan. thank you. >>> oakland has a rich hair damage it's talented and there is a few reason why artistss are gravi at a timing to oakland one it has a long history of art for many reasons certainly there is a huge rich tradition here it's a perfect artistic hub it's a place that if i were back in a band i would seriously consider located locketting my place here you can grow your audience there is a lot of new businesses sprod sprouting you mean and new cafe and is stews. and if i brought someone to oakland the highlight of the trip they would have to see pandoras office and is the neighborhood they over look i have lived in the neighborhood for over a decade now and how they have evolved and transformed. sidewalks are full and at night now there are people all over and fo
Apr 29, 2013 2:30am PDT
's bringing all the elements of our city together, the neighborhood, fan base and has that wonderful event. i have had a chance to relive the excitement of the super bowl and if i told steve young, i paced five yards in my office all day long and at home to relive this past super bowl. that just reflects the excitement that we have with the super bowl bid. now today, it's my privilege to co-announce with everyone here two people that are additional firepower to our super bowl bid committee. george seefrd and steve young, they really don't need an introduction but i love to talk about them to the 9ers. steve brought us his legacy. during this time, the 49ers earned the best team in the nation and continues with that legend so coach, thank you for bringing your winning record and wonderful great name to help us win another super bowl bid for super bowl 50 or 51 for the bay area. and coach seefrd's partner in 1999 was the famous quarterback steve young who through a record 6 touchdown passes during that game and became the first player to lead in super bowl rushing and passing. thank you for you
Apr 10, 2013 3:30pm PDT
planning process. we've been much more comprehensive and i think responsible as a city in terms of having clear policies and guidelines in place. and one of those is that we issue bonds and to retire them. i think the voters appreciate it when we impose that kind of fiscal discipline. and, so, my preference will be just to stay within that. and if the modeling turns out to be not at all for any kind of change to the bond, we can always make a reassessment about the size of various bonds or about other ways of financing our important transportation system. but i would be comfortable sticking with the language as is. >> okay. >> okay. thanks, everyone. appreciate it, mr. strong. colleague, if there's no more comments right now, i know there's a pending motion, but we'll take public comment first. if there's any members of the public that wish to comment on items number 2 or number 3, please step forward. >>> [inaudible]. good afternoon, my name is kim carter. i am a union representative with ifpte local 21. as you know, we represent 4,000 city workers including criminalists in the sfpd crim
Apr 14, 2013 8:30pm PDT
on our city's unfunded health care liability or opab as we call it, it currently sits at over $4 billion. the goal i want to be very explicit today of this hearing is to hear and discuss the magnitude of the problem, really to identify the issue, the controller issued a report out of his office last year as mandated by gasbe as they have to do every two years. but today the purpose is to understand the magnitude of the issue and the issue with the financial perspectives. from my point of view, this remains as we tackle pension reform a number of years ago, this remains one of the last structural issues that we face as a city and county of san francisco in terms of our finances. and something that we hope to solve to put our city on stable ground going forward. historically our city's retiree health care plan has been funded on a pay as you go basis with a current generation of tax payers pays for the prior generation's benefits. 2009 prop b as well as 2011 prop c there is some pre-funding of these benefits. and after this hearing today, i look forward to working, continuing to work with
Apr 20, 2013 2:14pm PDT
. under a state law a city and county can form a subdivision to finance like new roads and parks. and the method of financing is exactly how it was in redevelopment law the infrastructure growth can capture new growth for periods up to 45 years. and the difference compared to redevelopment is property taxes are divided into a number of recipients the state gets a property tax dollar and the remaining $0.10 is divided up between the school district and community college district. and under an infrastructure financing district typically the only increment that can be captured is the $0.65. you can't capture the money it goes to schools or to the community college district. so it's property taxes can be used to a finance infrastructure through bonds or on a pay as you go basis. the ports are structured a little bit differently. redevelopment focused on providing affordable housing. by state law 20 percent of the increment must be spent on parks, bay assess and the remove of bay fill. as you know there's significant historic contamination along the port property. so in 2005 is when w
Apr 24, 2013 11:00am PDT
facilitate with the fire department and the modern museum of art. it wasn't long ago when our city first started to develop plans to develop yerba buena -- that's going to be an exciting development. this was a great outcome of that. six years ago we opened a large scale park along with the first constructed public school. as we connect this corridor, folsom street is going to be a great street, 500 units and they will be good neighbors to the fire department here. so i look forward to the critical role in -- that the fire department is going to display which includes the tenderloin and 6 district area. in 2000 alone fire fighters left that station 924 times. we are really fortunate to have a chief that is well regarded both for her ability to lead a well respected institution and for her integrity and honesty. oven -- often when we have difficult decisions to make, we can trust her. i want to thank the staff and fire department. because they save lives and compassion they are able to show our residents goes a long way. thank you very much. [ applause ] >> thank you supervisor kim. for
Apr 12, 2013 11:30am PDT
around with your loved one. the palace of fine arts is the most popular location in the city arts system. reservations for weddings and other events a >>> good evening, everybody. if i can have everybody's attention for a few minutes. we would like to welcome you to the reopening of our visitor information center here in san francisco. it's a real great occasion for us. we enjoy seeing it today than the way it was before. many visitors especially international visitors get off the bus at the airport and come here as their very first stop looking for information from san francisco. we get over 400,000 people to come here to learn about what to do in san francisco. i think the changes which i'm going to talk about in san francisco. it's brought the feeling of the city in san francisco and the region into the building and it's a positive experience for us and the visitors and the volunteers who spend so much time here. so i would like to crews right now the mayor who has been a great partner with the hospital industry. in fact this whole project without the city of san francisco could not
Apr 29, 2013 11:30pm PDT
. it's been great to work with rhonda and sitting down with sf city. it's gray on a personal level, it's great to work with rhonda's shop, i remember when i was a youth organizer and i also want to recognize the good work that you are doing. we are giving the feedback on what we would like to see better. i have also visited all the other places. i want to see a deeper penetration into the neighborhoods that are harder to get access to. you know i visited our tech companies and this is not a dig at them but you can see when you walk in, the lack of diversity. i see very few african americans, i see very few latinos when you walk into a tech company. i know it's not the world that they live in so their out reaching to their friends to jobs and it's not a criticism. i just think that if we are talking about how we can improve our city an i get e-mails a lot of times from tech companies in how do we make the neighborhoods safer, how do ideal with homelessness issues. we have to be very real about what it is to really create economic opportunities in our community so they have access to tho
Apr 11, 2013 6:00pm PDT
me. >> tell us where he grew up. supervisor kim: i grew up on the new york city. my parents immigrated to the u.s. i actually started becoming active in the community in high school. ed i went to stanford. -- i went to stanford. when i graduated, i move to san francisco. my first job, i started working developing economic policies for low-income communities statewide in california. i worked with young people, parents, families are around issues that concern our neighborhoods, whether it was communities, affordable housing, public schools, or just planning issues in neighborhoods like parks. i did that and actually ran for the board of education here in san francisco. i got a term on the school board working for families in our public school system and actually worked for the lawyers community and i came to the board of supervisors. >> why did you choose to live in san francisco? supervisor kim: you know, i do not know if i have a good answer for that. i just wanted to try it out. >> tell me what motivated your interest in politics. supervisor kim: that is a tough question to
Apr 10, 2013 11:30pm PDT
liability associated with future retiree health benefit costs for the city. of approximately $4.2 billion. this is a projection of many years, so, just for perspective, this bill will not come due all at once. but it is an accumulated projection of the future. that number is largely unchanged from the valuation that we produced two years prior. the reason it actually generally speaking in absence of change in the city's approach to this section, we expect the number to rise every two years. just given the interest in a simple world, interest on the liability with will drive the number up every year. it's actually good news comparatively that the $4.4 billion is largely unchanged versus the $4.4 billion two years prior. and the reason for that is that during that two-year period, medical inflation was less than expected. so, a host of changes during that two-year period and this really is an actuarial exercise without future assumptions. medical inflation during that two-year period was lower than expected and since that result the number hasn't grown since our last valuation. th
Apr 20, 2013 3:14pm PDT
for the disabilities program at the city excellently. in that role i teach classes at the light house for the blind and the recreation rehab center. i'd like to call attention to city colleges role as a provider inform adult education the non-classes that are offered in the community. the college actually sends teachers to do sos of locations throughout the community including public libraries and going all the way back to the 70s let's send the teachers to where the students are instead of having the students worry about where to go. this has - we're being told that seniors with disabilities are not necessary. this is effecting decreased hours as recreation and senior centers. we're really trying to avoid institutional facilities. i know my chimes are ripping here but d s p.s. go we're mandated by law and they're using this for an excuse to lay people off. your technology coordinator lost his job and that might not be legal >> good morning. i'm a student at city college. i want to voice my opinion on the accreditation related to city college. i wanted to give a little bit of my story are city co
Apr 28, 2013 7:30am PDT
places in the city. there is truly a bee hive of activity of the newest innovations that san francisco will be famous for. i also love the fact that just a couple of blocks from here is where our san francisco giants are moving on to the world series. but just in this room, all of you are giants and making sure that san francisco is the world champion when it comes to innovation. >>> 13 years ago, i like all of you started a company. i started in i-ti a technology company in the 1.0 world. it was a company that created technology to connect citizens better with government * . i ran it for almost nine years. and when i was elected to office four years ago, i was unfortunately more surprised than i wanted to be about how far behind san francisco government was. this was very 2008, 2009. with you i'm really proud of the leaps and bounds we have taken as a city * . i was proud in 2010 to help move forward legislation to really bring together city departments to work in a coordinated way with our committee on information technology. to help create a chief information officer position for th
Apr 4, 2013 11:30am PDT
the streets bond for design, construction and upgrade of about 1700 curb ramps throughout the city. the locations are prioritized using the city ada transition plan and this map shows locations throughout district 7 that have curb ramps planned. some of the key corridors include various areas . our street scape projects in district 7 include the slope boulevard flashing beak beacon project and that is fund audio there is a million dollars funded. at the three intersections and those are slope and everglade where we are installing bus balbs and improving the median and we will install these as well as flashing beacons to warn motorists that pedestrians are crossing the street and 23rd and slope we will install the flashing beacons. along 19th avenue we have a greening project. part of it is completed. there is an additional 600,000 in the streets bond for completing the planting between winona and here and this completes my presentation. thank you. >> thank you. the next presentation will be from the mta and it's ricardo alia. i assume you're not related. are you? >> yes we
Apr 9, 2013 9:30am PDT
the vehicle faster. all we need is the license plate number the car the city has cited for towing -- >> mr. maxa, the time is up, but i want to give everyone an equal number of time to speak during public comment. >>> sure, thank you. >> are there any other speakers? >>> good morning, supervisors, my name is douglas yow. i would like to speak in favor of this item even though on the record i think it belongs in a different committee. in regards to open data and procedures, i would like to recommend three items for this new system. number one, the obvious, pornography. number two is the even more sinister child pornography. and number three is the disgraced whims with l blower program which was highlighted in yesterday's examiner regarding the $750,000 that the poor people will miss out on in order to pay a doctor who was humiliated illegally, in my opinion, by the city and county of san francisco. ~ whistle blower so, if we're going to talk about open data, i among other people want to know what's inside the city's computer systems in regards to pornography, child pornography, and what's a
Apr 3, 2013 8:30am PDT
struggled very hard to make sure this city appreciate because the trees are part of a great answer and solution to reducing carbon emissions and be sure we have greenery and beautification for our citizens. a lot of my friends celebrated chinese new years in china and this year for chinese new years, wilhelm wundt wilhelm wundt of the one of the gifts they gave to the employees is an air mask. if you don't start contributing to its purification, you don't get the kind of air like you do in san francisco. this is why trees are so important to our nature and this is what i love about the city because when it comes to our environment, we do make some serious investments, whether it's green buildings, waste management or going into electric vehicles or getting everybody to change their habits, one of the habits that we want to continue having is planting trees. and so every year for the last 8 years, we have select a signatory to plant and we have taken the liberties of honoring people that have contributed to the quality of life for all of us. in past years, people like rosa parks, ca
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